What is New Media Simulation

This simulation was prepared by Professor Lisa Yamagata-Lynch for a University of Tennessee Knoxville graduate level course in instructional technology. It is designed for participants  to engage in an exploration of new media technologies and implications to teacher professional development, corporate training, or general employee/staff training. The goal of this activity is for graduate students in instructional technology courses to engage in readings, discussions, and hands on exploration of new media technologies and assess implications to their current and future work in curriculum and instructional design. The simulation assumes that participants are working in a professional setting with responsibilities of a curriculum or instructional designer. By the end of the simulation participants will explore at least four new media technologies, its usability, and potential impact to instruction. The culminating activity of this simulation includes a word processed document and an electronic presentation.

Simulation Introduction

Welcome to the new quarter. As the new assistant superintendent of UT wonderful school district or the manager of UT human resources and training division I am very delighted to start the new school quarter with such enthusiastic and highly qualified staff. I have organized the meeting today so that it will be a work meeting and you will explore potential low cost or free new media technologies that have potential high impact on teacher professional development/employee/client training. With significant budget cuts to our professional development center/training division we need to explore new media technologies that are often low cost or free of charge that can help us develop and deliver professional development/training to our teachers/employees/clients. I know that it would be ideal to not let media drive our instruction, but due to our financial situation, it is one of those times that we need to figure what we can do with the limited resources we have. I also hear from other superintendents and mangers that these tools are becoming very popular for personal use in the general public, and some even say that these new forms of media are changing the way that people organize and understand information. You will find some of these discussion in the two reports I asked you to read in preparation for our meeting today, which included the 2011 Horizon Report and Pew Internet Research Report Mobiles Access 2010. With the budget cuts that we are facing and the accessibility of these low cost or free tools in mobile formats, we simply cannot ignore the potential impact on our professional development/training program.

I need you to explore what potential new media technologies have if any for our professional development center/training unit. You need to work as a team of 3 or 4 members and propose what new media technologies would be reliable low cost or free for us to incorporate into professional development/training programs.  Please aim to propose at least 3 low cost/free new media  technologies that we should examine carefully as a unit. You also need to identify what are the equipment that we need to provide to deploy instruction with these new tools.

Remember that for general purposes at the district office/training center we already have a lab/training facility equipped with 25 work stations with a fast processor, flat screen monitor, keyboard, mouse, 8 USB 2.0 ports, 1 color laser printer,  1 CD/CDRW/DVD burner, Windows 7 and Mac OS systems,  Microsoft Office, 1 data projection unit, and wireless Internet access throughout our facility. The data projection unit is attached to a SmartBoard.

Please spend the rest of the meeting preparing your proposal and submit them to me electronically. Please include a word processed document and a presentation in your submission. At our next meeting each team will have 10 minutes to present their proposal. Please expect a 5 minute question and answer session during that time. If it turns out that different teams examined the same media do not worry about it, it just means that it is a prominent tool in the general market that we ought to consider.

Please include the following int he word processed proposal:
  • Title of the proposal
  • Team member names
  • Descriptions of the new media technologies explored and answer the following questions:
    • What are the predominant features of each media?
    • What types of activities do each media support?
    • How can teachers/employees access information distributed through each media?
    • What are usability issues that need to be addressed for each media? --is the media easy to use or difficult?
    • What are security issues that need to be addressed for each media?
    • What useful support online on Wikis, YouTube, or any other platform exist for the media? Are there sufficient support material for an curriculum/instructional designer to learn the features of the media for designing professional development/training?
    • What training documentation would we need to prepare for teachers/employees?
    • What equipment do we need to purchase to support teacher/employee access to each media?
  • Which of the media you examined do you recommend that we further explore?
Please prepare an electronic presentation that summarizes your proposal.

Time management and division of roles within your team
As there is very limited time for your team to work on this proposal, I suggest that you use your time wisely and assign specific tasks for each member. Decide how much time you are going to work together as a group to develop the outline of your proposal and how much time individuals are going to be given for completing their assigned task and sharing what they did with the team. Then assign specific roles and tasks, such as a person in charge of the proposal, a person in charge of exploring a specific media, and a person in charge of creating the presentation.

Last Updated August 11, 2011