IT 521 Week 8

Topic: Hands on Explorations--Visual Tools

  • Bingham & Conner Ch 2
  1. Skill Exchange
  2. Whole class activity and discussion based on the readings
    • In a group of 3 to 4 members reflect on all of the tools that have been introduced and discussed in class with the intention for taking advantage of social capital among adult learners and launching an online professional development/training knowledge sharing online community for your school/company. In order to anchor your discussion in a realistic context, as a group you need to identify a specific group of learners and topic. Please be prepared to share the following information with other participants to engage in discussion:
  1. Who are the adult learners your group chose for this activity?
  2. What is the topic your group chose for this activity?
  3. Which tools would you use that we have been exposed to in class to develop a professional development/training experience for the learners through knowledge sharing activities in an online community space?
  4. How would you design the knowledge sharing activities?
  5. How would you explain to your adult learners that this is not a waste of their time?
  6. How would the activities that take place in the online community space benefit individuals in your organization and the organization itself?
  7. How will you establish trust among the adult learners to become comfortable sharing information to people they have or may have not met within your organization, but they are encouraged to share information in the online community space?
  8. What would you tell your boss/administrators if they are unsure whether information shared through the online community space is secure or not?
    • Ideas relevant to this activity are in the reading for this week. Do not hesitate to refer to it in your group discussion and add more of your own ideas as well.
    • By the end of the session today each group will share what they discussed.
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